Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet The Cromarties

When not playing the cornerback position at a particularly average level, the Jets new DB likes to reproduce.

Woke up to find that the Jets traded for Antonio Cromartie. That's nice. A worthwhile gamble on a once sterling talent who has fallen off the map in recent years (including last year when he was an out-n-out liability). But the details of the trade were not what caught my attention. Nope, instead this is what caught my attention:
San Diego also had grown tired of Cromartie's maturity issues, with the former Florida State product fathering seven children by five different women.
I'm sorry, come again (pun NOT intended)? Antonio Cromartie is 25 years-old and he has 7 kids with 5 women? Ho-lee shit. Wouldn't you think he would've learned his lesson after, I don't know, kid number 5, maybe 6?

Ladies of New York lock up your daughters. Antonio and his magic seed are coming to town.