Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wily Mo never met a curveball he didn't miss

Along with missing an "L" from his name, Wily Mo Pena (or WiMP as he is sometimes known) has some serious issues with his game (I'm like f'n 50 Cent my rhymes are so tight). WiMP is on pace to break the all-time strikeout percentage rate and had it not been for his other worldy 4-4 performance the other night against Seattle (he had 5 hits in all of April), he'd be on pace to shatter the record. I have no idea why they throw him anything but curveballs and changeups. Presently, WiMP is striking out 46% of the time he goes to bat (would be 52% if not for that one game), or almost half of his at-bats. The major league record for players with a minimum of 100 at bats is 43% by Melvin Nieves in 1997. Now, I love the bastard because he can hit the ball a country mile and with he and Manny kicking it in the outfield, there is always a chance that something hilarious will happen but I'm kinda rooting for WiMP to make history here. It would be a great juxtaposition against Manny hitting his 500th home run. In fact, I wish they gave him more at bats. If WiMP got a normal amount of ABs (anywhere near 600), he'd make Adam Dunn look like Tony Gwynn.

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Bernard King said...

WiMP is like the real Pedro Cerrano without the Voodoo.