Friday, February 29, 2008

Bobby Gonzalez Goes Gonzo On His Assistant Coaches

This is an artist's rendering of the moments that led up to the fracas between Bobby Gonzalez and his assistant coaches.

As first mentioned by ESPN's Pat Forde this week, a coach was viewed while engaged in hand-to-hand combat with one at least one of his assistant coaches during halftime of a recent Big East basketball game:
"Spies tell The Minutes that a Big East coach who shall remain nameless recently got into a halftime argument with one of his assistants in a hallway outside the locker room. According to a source, it escalated to the point where punches were thrown."
This, of course, led to the inevitable blog / message board dirt digging and that coach is nameless no more. Turns out (according to The Big Lead the coach in question was none other than Seton Hall's up and coming young coach Bobby Gonzalez:
"Two independent sources we spoke with claim that the Big East coach who threw fists with one of his assistant coaches was Seton Hall’s Bobby Gonzalez. The sources say that on February 17th, as Seton Hall was headed to the locker room for halftime, trailing West Virginia 45-30, an agitated Gonzalez went “nose-to-nose” with an assistant coach."
If this is true, and the veracity of the story MUST come to light, Bobby is in a bit of trouble. This doesn't rise to a Bobby Knight player choke or even a Kelvin Sampson conference call, but it's probably fairly important for the children of who are being recruited by Seton Hall to know whether or not the future coach of their children is a hothead who can be so easily be agitated that he fights his handpicked assistants. Should be interesting...

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