Monday, February 18, 2008

Is Pettitte Retarded?

I don't know if this guy was being ironic or if this is some kind of inside joke but this picture is about as intelligent as Andy Pettitte's reasoning.

This won't take long, Andy Pettitte doesn't get it. Here's what he said today in a news conference that I laud him for taking part in:
"I didn't do it to try and get ahead of anyone," he said. "I didn't do it to try and get stronger or faster or throw harder. I did it because I was told it might be able to help me [return from elbow injuries]."

"I did this to try to get off the (disabled list) and do my job."
Allow me to explain it to Andy: THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GUY WHO TAKES ILLEGAL DRUGS TO GET BIGGER AND THE GUY WHO TAKES THEM TO GET HEALTHY. NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Now you may be able to come to a moral distinction in your own simple little mind and that may allow you to sleep at night, but you're no better than any person who shoved a needle up his ass to hit the ball farther. Just because you've convinced yourself that you did it to help the team doesn't give you some moral superiority over someone who is seemingly more selfish. All you were was an old injured pitcher who was becoming tattered in the same way all old pitchers do. Using HGH allowed you an illegal competitive advantage over ever other player not taking drugs. You think Mark Pryor or Kerry Wood didn't want to get healthy faster? But instead of taking any illegal drug use to get healthy faster, they took the legal route. Are they bad teammates because they didn't resort to illegal drug use (obviously, I have no idea if drug use could've helped those particular guys, but the greater point is, well, the greater point. If you can't figure it out you are as stupid as the person who marked up Andy's picture)? Nope. And you're no hero for taking drugs, no matter how well you've convinced yourself.

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