Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wanna Make Some Easy Dough? Here's A Hint: Bet The Habs Tonight

Get used to this sight. When the B's play the Habs, the end result is never in doubt.

I generally don't advocate betting on NHL for a couple reasons. One reason being that you can't find it on TV so you can't really watch as your money is on the line; and two being that the second half of the season is played with such a greater intensity than the first half that often times you can throw out the records when a team scratching to get into the playoffs is playing a team at the top of the division, especially if the scratching team has a hot goalie. But tonight, your money is safe. The Canadiens have topped the Bruins in all 7 meetings this year and won the last 11 overall. And it's not like the Canadiens are running away with the division and the B's are holding down the rear. The B's have won just 4 fewer games than the Habs and are presently a playoff team. The domination is unreal and at this point the advantage is purely psychological (stemming from several gut wrenching playoff defeats, including an 8 seed over the B's 1 seed). So while I'm not advocating gambling on hockey, I will say that if you've ever considered it, this would be a good entry point.

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