Saturday, April 26, 2008

Max Kellerman Pilfers The Sports Guy's Idea, Page 6 Eats It Right Up

Sadly, I don't think Max Kellerman fears prosecution as intra-ESPN theft is a victimless crime.

I do not like Max Kellerman. I don't like his radio program or his overly precise consonant annunciation (if you listen to his radio commercials, you know what I'm talking about) and I especially don't like that he sipped the "Boeheim" shot (5 parts vodka, 1 part orange soda in a tumbler) we bought him at Rathbones only to leave it unfinished (and later laughed at me when I drunkenly suggested that the Blue Jays would win a pennant in the next 4 years, fucking prick). When his show comes on 1050am radio at 10am every morning, I turn the radio off and switch to the webcast of Cowherd's show out of Austin, Texas. For some reason I derive great joy from making this switch every day. So it is with great pleasure that I point out that Kellerman blatantly stole--and is now publicly receiving credit for--Bill Simmons' celebrity news Fantasy Game.

In today's New York Post, Page 6 notes that Max Kellerman "created" a game akin to fantasy football for the gossip pages:
"April 26, 2008 -- YOU'VE heard of fantasy football and fantasy baseball, where fans assemble all-star teams which compete based on their players' statistics over the course of the season. Well, last year, the people at the Kellerman and Kenny Show at 1050 ESPN Radio came up with a Page Six version of the game. Three partnerships held their draft on yesterday's show."
Of course, if you've read any of the Sports Guy's material over the last couple of years, you'd know that he came up with this exact same concept a full year earlier:
"So (Posted May 9, 2006) I'm going to create an Us Weekly fantasy league just for her. It's a million-dollar idea that could make me rich, if I weren't too dumb to figure out how to trademark it. More important, it will save my marriage. I can't afford to get divorced, it's way too expensive.

Here's how it works: 10 teams, auction format, $200 cap, five male and five female celebs per roster. Scoring is head-to-head for 22 weeks, playoffs over the last three (so you can have two seasons per year). OK, let's say you pay $55 for that chain-smoking tramp Lindsay Lohan. If she makes the cover of Us, you get 10 points (three for the inset photo). Every other Lohan picture inside is worth one. If she appears in the "Fashion Police," you're docked three. That's it. Simple. You can add or drop your celebs each Monday. Like maybe you want to dump Jake Gyllenhaal (because the whole "Brokeback" thing has played out) and grab Josh Hartnett (because he's dating Scarlett Johansson). Then again, you might want to hang on to Gyllenhaal. He's single and his number might be up in the Lohan deli line."
Now I will say that I'm not 100% sure that Kellerman didn't pay homage to Simmons when he suggested the game on-air last year (though judging by his shot-taking decorum, I'm guessing he didn't say shit), but regardless it's a pretty shitty situation for one of ESPN's own to get credit for the other's idea in such a public forum. I'm sure this is not lost on Simmons and I'm sure he'll take a half-assed and passive-aggressive "swipe" at Kellerman on his podcast at some time when the issue has fully blown over (similar to his "Obama" mention during the Eisen podcast), though of course no one will ever fully acknowledge that there's any bad blood because ESPN's dirty laundry never sees the light of day .


CJ said...

I started listening to Kellerman about a year ago, after their Page 6 draft took place. Haven't ever heard him mention Simmons in regard to this particular topic. However,

1. He's had Simmons on a couple of times, and they seem to be on good terms, and

2. Kellerman complains constantly about other radio shows stealing his ideas.

So, I'd be at least a little surprised if he tried to pirate an idea and not give credit for it, if that's what happened.

Then again, I have trouble trusting a man who doesn't finish his drink.

RichC said...

Kellerman did a page six draft last year too and a couple weeks later he mentioned that listeners were emailing the show telling him that he ripped off the page six draft idea from Simmons.

He said that he didn't know about it beforehand and felt bad because he's always complaining that his ideas get ripped off. But he did give credit to Simmons.

Chili said...

I lost you when you mentioned Cowherd. Kellerman may be a douche, but Cowherd is the imperial wizard of douchedom.

i am said...

you realize simmons-the-dooosh stole that idea in the first place. simmons himself later admitted that he was wrong and that it wasn't his original idea.

please learn to reed more better.

sk said...

Max Kellerman is a God amongst men- The fact that you don't like him shows you know absolutely nothing about sports--Blue Jays winning a pennant? He should have laughed at you!

The more Max's voice is on the radio, the better--

People steal ideas from Max all the time, and you're gunna get on him for this? Really? OK--keep reaching.

Yo Max bro, keep it going-just drop my name next time you google yourself--Reporting for Duty, Sir!