Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Julio Lugo Sucks

Mr. Lugo, you are free to go now. Don't make this harder than it is. Just go. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU COCKSUCKER!

After coming back from a 4 run deficit and taking the lead on a Dustin Pedroia pinch hit single in the 8th, the Sox put Papelbon on the mound and were on their way to a win. With a man on (infield single) and no outs, a routine ground ball was hit directly at Lugo. He charged it in time to get the lead runner out and possibly turn two (though it would have been a tough double play). At the very least he had plenty of time to get the batter (Renteria) out at first, and that's when Julio Lugo stepped in and took matters into his cold concrete hands. Instead of picking the ball up and throwing it to a base for what is known as a "force out," Julio decided to kick the ball around for a little while and not throw it to any base for his 10th error of the year. A sac bunt, a productive ground out and a broken bat bloop later and the Tigers had won. Thanks Julio. You are the worst.


Christopher said...

I would like to start a movement here in Boston. I propose that Julio Lugo retires from Baseball forever. He clearly has no ability to either hit a baseball or catch a baseball. He is possibly the worst fielding shortstop in baseball. His greatest talent may be an uncanny knack for hitting into inning ending double plays.

Christopher said...

I am still enraged about this topic. How can Lugo even show his face in the dugout every day.I would be embarassed to even collect a paycheck. He has to know that he is a liability on this team. For example, if I work at McDonalds and everytime a give a customer an order, I drop the tray on the floor just as I am about to pass the food across the counter, I might not lose my job right away, but I would be really embarassed that my co-workers had to constantly remake all that food and clean up my mess. In that case, I might find a new line of work. Wouldn't you?

Julio Lugo. Please quit baseball!
Save us the from your lack of talent. You are not a baseball player. You have no future here in Boston or anywhere else. Go teach little league players how to commit errors and not contribute.

Christopher said...

For the record, Lugo leads all of basebal in errors with 10. The most in the AL, NL and the most for any position.

Oh, also, he is making 9.25 million dollars this year. What a bargin!

Poops McGoops said... idiot red sox fans. This is what you get for making fun of Jeter's range and Papelnuts dancing around in his skivies...Honestly though, i'd dismiss fat youkolis' (sp?-give a sh.t?) attempt at facial hair before i got rid of lugo...

Anonymous said...

Lugo = Liability. He is an error machine that frequently wanders into other player's territory and causes trouble.

Luol Dang! said...

Dear Ps McGs,
Please don't ever post here again. Attempting to parse through your lack of sense almost gave me a stroke.

Poops McGoops said...


Travelin'Tim said...

I'm whatching a game where that little gnat Lugo made 2 errors in one inning. He is to shortstops what Dale Sveum was to base coaching. He sucks. Where is Jed Lowery?

Ana said...

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