Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A-Rod is not a fan of chicken salad

"You don't get this good looking by eating FUCKING CHICKEN SALAD! I SAID TUNA SALAD YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"

As I sometimes do, I started this morning with a casual peruse of the ESPN.com baseball "bloggers." I was pleased to see that Gammons had posted something as he's my favorite read amongst the bunch. Gammons had a particularly readable little ditty about an up and coming free swinger, Jeff Francoeur. Pretty standard fare for Gammo. Tidbits about family with roots in New England and a gentle tease about Jeff's love of Fenway that will certainly stir up a frenzy on SOSH. But the best part--at least for me and anyone else who enjoys gratuitous A-Rod bashing--was the anecdote about Jeff Francoeur, A-Rod and lunch meats. About 9/10ths of the way through the piece, Gammo passed along this little nugget from out of left field:

"Team USA players like to tell the story of Francoeur confronting Alex Rodriguez during the WBC for trashing a clubhouse kid who brought him the wrong sandwich."
Whether this story is true or untrue is of no consequence to me. The point is merely that A-Rod has reached a such level of infamy that not only do I believe pretty much any story that involves him being a douchebag, but I've come to expect them. Gammons was really just filling the 6 day void left since the last story about A-Rod being a bag o' D. What I also enjoy about this quote is that Gammo starts by noting "Team USA players like to tell..." So not only is A-Rod a D-bag, but his douchebaggery was seemingly one of the most noteworthy moments of the team's time spent at the WBC. Say what you want about Gammo, but he does know his audience.


john said...

what was it that was said to A-Rod?

Clint said...

Francoeur would fuck A-Rod up. Badly.

Jon Koncak's Thighs said...

From what I've heard on this, Francoeur witnessed Gay-Rod ripping into this kid over a sandwich and put him in his place. A-Rod obviouusly was incredulous that what was essentially a rookie was in his face and tried to back Franc down. But Chipper (Larry) Jones and a few other players backed Francoeur and generally jobbed A-Rod as all other players save Sheffield often do. A delightful story all around, I say. Go Braves!

cigarcow said...

I can't believe you made a blog devoted to Quin Snyder.

Red Andrews said...

Only A-Rod would consider joining Quin Snyder in a threesome. Those are two of BearMeat's favorite people. The other is Jeff Gordon. If you want to see some real Quin Snyder bashing, come check out BearMeat. We will not disappoint.