Monday, March 19, 2007

Briggs to the Pats? Gaining momentum

Is Peter King the first loyal reader of The Smittblog?

Affable coffeenerd Peter King has been known to sneak a peak or two at blogs from time to time. Is it possible that he took some notes from the lightly read blog of yours truly before putting together this week's MMQB? Last week I wrote a short piece about how much sense it makes for the Pats to trade one of their first round picks and backup QB Matt Cassell to the Bears for Lance Briggs. This week, Papa King shoots off this little ditty in his blog during a Q&A with Drew Rosenhaus:
He (Rosenhaus) said the Bears had a seven-year, $33-million contract offer on the table for Lance Briggs last year, but haven't offered him a multi-year deal this offseason. It's either play the year at $7.2 million (poor guy), sit out (he'll never do that) or hope some team comes to the Bears (the Patriots?) and says, "We'll give you a low first-round pick for Briggs,'' and then signs him to a $7 million-a-year deal with $20 million guaranteed.
"The Bears haven't given us many options,'' Rosenhaus said. "Come in and play this year at $7.2 million. That's it. They've said to us they have no intention of signing him to a long-term deal. If we'd have signed the deal they offered last year, Lance wouldn't have been among the top-15-paid linebackers in the league.'' I said, "The Patriots ought to send the 28th pick to Chicago for him. The Bears would have to take that, wouldn't they, rather than have a pissed-off player?'' Rosenhaus said: "From your lips to God's ears.''
Coinkidink? Very likely. It's much more fun to believe that King stole the idea from me (let's wait until Matt Cassell becomes part of the discussion). And it's even more fun to believe that PK and myself are just two peas in a very large pod.

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Sheeps4Greeks said...

Holy Crapola! I actually work at SI and I totally overheard him saying he gaffed this idea from "some dope" on a new blog. Then he said you could "s$ck his white ass." Nice article though. Good luck on the new blog. Beware of the King!