Monday, May 7, 2007

Whoa Suzy!

Suzy Waldman was more than a little excited about the return of the Rocket

It's long been known that Suzy Waldman represents one half of the worst announcing duo in the history of sports (she is about 90% of the reason for that distinction). The only duo even in the same ballpark of ineptitude are the White Sox announcers, the Hawk and DJ. I won't get into the the panoply of reasons for Waldman's stranglehold on the honor of worst announcer, but if you want to get a taste of her work, you MUST check this out. It's Suzy's call after Roger announced he was returning to NY. She sounds like a cross between Gilbert Godfrey, Dr. Melfi from the Sopranos (Lorraine Bracco) and Yoda.


rstiles said...

I am a Yankees fan and I agree...she is HORRIBLE....I am glad they took her off YES

The best announcer for the Yanks is Michael Kay...he doesn't act like everything pitch is the 7th game of the World Series

rstiles said...

I will say this - the WORST announcer in baseball is Tom Hamilton of the Indians....this asshole acts like every homerun just won the World Series for the Indians....he is so fucking annoying...I can't stomach him!!

Gabe said...

It appears someone disagrees with the Michael Kay love: