Monday, June 4, 2007

We're 101! We're 101! (now 111)!

Ranked 101 and waffling. The Smittblog is at least on the board.

On Friday, Deadspin linked to BallHype's blog rankings. Well, at the time it was released, the Smittblog was ranked 101 in all the world (at least all the world according to Ballhype, which is fine by me). Today The Smittblog sits at 111 (likely due to the fact that I've been a little off my game due to work recently, but that's all about to change thanks to the rankings impetus). It's probably not something to be too terribly proud of but it will be something to keep an eye as I move forward and try and get more stuff per week out. So thanks to Ballhype for putting it all together and we'll see if I can break into the top 100 (and hopefully higher) in the coming weeks. I've got some good stuff coming out this week, I promise.

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Jason said...

111 in, say, the BCS rankings would be nothing to write home about, but at Ballype, 111 puts you in the top 6%. Keep up the good work.