Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Violent Punters Terrorize Nation

First that Northern Colorado punter stabs the starting punter and now former punter Danny Baugher punches his dad in a drunken stooper. Since when are punters such tough guys:

Baugher was arrested about 4 a.m. Thursday in a fast-food restaurant parking lot on Washington Street in Hanover.

Officer Timothy Kane, responding to a 911 report of two men fighting in a silver Dodge Avenger, found Baugher in the front passenger seat and his father - a pilot who, Kane noted in his report, did not have an active driver’s license - behind the wheel.

The witness who called the cops told the Herald, “I heard somebody yelling, ‘Get off of me! Leave me alone!’ It sounded like there was crying going on. I saw a young guy and an old guy and thought, ‘I’d better call the cops.’ ”

Erle Baugher, a former punter at Syracuse University who tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins, told Kane the spat escalated when his son punched him in the face. He declined to see a doctor.

Kane wrote in his report that the junior Baugher had “bloodshot glassy eyes, slurred and thick-tongued speech, as well as the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.”

He described Baugher as “very evasive with his answers” and, when ordered out of the car, unable to keep his balance “due to high level of intoxication.”

The younger Baugher allegedly insisted to Kane that “nothing happened” and said he and his father “wrestle often.”
I get drunk and wrestle with my dad all the time. We call it "growin up," not assault. But there was actually something in this article even more unsettling than the fact that punter punched his dad. The lead to the article went something like this:
A promising young punter kicked to the curb by the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots allegedly turned his anger and frustration on his own father, police allege.
Did the Pats win it all last year? I had no idea. I wish someone would have told me so I didn't have to break several glasses and two remotes when Brady threw that interception in the final minute. When do you get to stop being the "Super Bowl champs." Doesn't it run out the following year? Someone needs to create a law or something.

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