Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pssst, Hey Jaws And Kornheiser, Not Sure What Game You Were Watching But Trent Edwards Sucked Last Night

If you spent any time watching Monday Night Football with the audio on (a mistake I may not make again), you probably noticed that Kornheiser and Jaws fell in love with the smarts and poise of Bills rookie QB Trent Edwards. The reason, likely, was because they had all this built up positive sentiment ready for Romo but were unable to use it when Romo just went bonkers and started lobbing the ball to the other team so they had to release it somehow and Edwards had the ball so often they felt the need to lump praise on him. They treated Trent Edwards like he was the heir apparent to Jim Kelly. The problem was that Trent Edwards was not good. In fact, he was pretty awful (though I guess the term "awful" is relative when the guy on the other team throw 5 Ints and fumbles once).

The Buffalo Bills did not score an offensive touchdown. The Bills offense received the ball 4 different times via turnovers and didn't convert ANY OF THOSE TURNOVERS INTO POINTS. Edwards only had one drive over 37 yards and his longest completion was a 23 yarder to Lynch who made something out of nothing. He was no threat to throw the ball downfield and while that is much more an issue of gameplanning and play-calling that it is Trent Edwards, he checked down to Lynch, Royal and the crackhead Roscoe Parrish (what the hell was his deal last night? Every time he touched the ball he was jitterbugging all over the field like he was running on hot coals.). At least two INTs were dropped and he's lucky that last pick was tipped because Newman would have gone all the way if the tipped ball didn't allow Evans to get a few steps on him. He ended the game with 176 yards (though he did complete over 70% of his passes). He didn't lose that game but he may have been the reason the Bills didn't win (if that makes any sense).

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