Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting Rid Of McNabb Would Be Stupid

I know there's no reasoning with crazy Philly fans about the fate of Donovan McNabb. Once they turn on you, there's no going back. And they have turned, so I'm not going to use my words to try and convince them that keeping Donnie is in their best interest, instead I'm going to use a comparison between Donovan McNabb and player X. Player X will be revealed at the end of the comparison. Here goes:

Donovan McNabb: 2004 NFC Offensive Player of The Year
5 Pro Bowls

58.7% Completion percentage
Double digit interceptions only 3 times in his career
Lowest interception percentage of any QB in history of NFL
Top ten in TDs 4 times
Top ten in passing yards / game 6 times
Top ten in passer rating 5 times
5 Straight Playoff Appearances - Never lost an opening round game
4 Straight Conference Championship games
1 Super Bowl Appearance

Not too shabby. Now let's compare him to player X:

Player X: 1 NFL MVP
4 Pro Bowls
63% Completion Percentage
Double digits interceptions 6 straight years
Top ten in passing tds 6 times
Top ten in passing yards / game 5 times
Top ten in passer rating 7 times
6 Playoff Appearances - Never lost and opening round game
4 Conference Championships
3 Super Bowl Appearances
2 Super Bowl MVPs
1 Associated Press Male Athlete of The Year
2 Gorgeous women in the same calendar year
1 Dreamboat
(If you don't know by now, Tom Brady is player X)

I know to compare McNabb to Brady is ridiculous but at least in terms of passing statistics, Donnie holds a candle to Tom Brady pre-Randy Moss. He had his highest completion percentage since 2004 this year was judicious with the football as has been his history. When you break it down, Donovan McNabb doesn't turn the ball over, he is mobile (and feeling healthier on that knee) and when healthy is a Pro Bowl caliber QB with at least 3-4 good years left in him. He is so far from the problem with that team that it's not even funny. You give him a decent receiver and Philly is back in the playoffs. Or you could go with that shitdick Kevin Kolb. At least then you'd know you'll be disappointed for another half dozen years.

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