Monday, January 7, 2008

Philip Rivers Is A Clown

I'm really having a tough time finding things to like about this San Diego team.

For me, the dislike of the Chargers started about a year ago when they lost to the Pats and then cried about it (literally). They then complained that the Pats "lacked class" because they made fun of resident roid rager Shawn Merriman's faggoty "lights out dance." Apparently they aren't familiar with the concept of irony. Is it classy that Merriman does his homosexual jig every time he nears a QB? Is that classy? And if you have a dance, and then subsequently name that dance, you are fucking BEGGING someone to make fun of you. Pussy. These actions were followed by the Chargers laughing at the Pats in public after spygate and killing them in the press, only to lose AGAIN, and CRY ABOUT IT... AGAIN. This team has some serious emotional problems. And no player on that team represents emotional disturbance like resident asshat Philip Rivers.

I know this isn't exactly breaking news as he had a previous situation with the Broncos, but Philip Rivers doesn't EVER shut the fuck up. He yaps throughout entire games. Did I miss the game in which he proved he doesn't fucking suck? Even in his last game (a supposedly "good game," or at least decent half of a game), he wasn't that good. When your "breakout game" features 1Td and 1Int, that ain't sweet. And on the season he wasn't a ton better with 15 picks against 21 tds. He's so thoroughly average and limited physically at QB that it is comical. And his poor play was a MAJOR reason the team played so shitty this year and couldn't repeat last year's record. Not to get into the fact that his teammates, namely LT, fucking hate him. So with all that going on you'd think he's be humbled. But nope, instead he's still talking shit all throughout the Titans game. And while he played well in the second half of that game, he can't possibly take as much credit for winning that game than he can for keeping the Titans in it with his shitty play in the first half.

Lastly, I know this isn't a very well reasoned or articulated argument / complaint, but I fucking hate this kid. I just can't stand people who talk shit and can't back it up, and he is that kid. Therefore I hate him. At least that part makes sense.


James said...

I could not agree more. Not to mention, does he not have the gayest jersey ever? I feel like he wears the female version of his jersey. His little sleeves like flutter in the wind. Such a fucking loser. I love watching his pouty as face right now as Pittsburgh ends his fluke season.

TyDurden said...

you're an idiot.

Philip Rivers is tough as nails..
He played with a Torn ACL in the playoffs last year and led the league in TD passes and Passer Rating...

so yeah..
he can back it up

unlike Jay Cutler who is a baby