Monday, March 10, 2008

Matt Walsh Is A Sick Bastard

You know what would be hysterical? If you stuck this sharp metal object in someone's bed and hoped that they sat on it! Actually, that wouldn't be funny at all.

For better or worse, we're going to learn a lot about the Patriot's former video lacky Matt Walsh in the coming weeks and months. But if some of the stuff coming out about him now is any indication, he's welcome to crawl right back in that hole from whence he came.

This week the Boston Globe (a periodical which clearly is going full speed ahead with pro-Pats propaganda mode) came out with a feature about Walsh by one of its lead investigative reporters. Most of the stuff in the article referenced items that had been floating around the newswire over the last couple of weeks. Taped conversations, shady behavior and other incidents that don't portray Walsh in the most positive light. But there was once incident highlighted in the article that makes him sound like a pretty fucked up and sick kid:
"In developing a portrait of Walsh, a personable sports lover now working as an assistant golf pro in Hawaii, the Globe also learned that he has exaggerated or misrepresented elements of his online biography, and that he was dismissed from the Springfield College golf team in 1995 after he played a dangerous prank on a woman."

"According to the alleged victim, a woman who was dating Walsh's roommate, Walsh was so miffed that she and his roommate might spend time on his bed while he was away that he booby-trapped his sheets with a stainless steel, six-pronged blender blade.
The woman, whose account was corroborated by Walsh's former roommate, said she vividly recalls being startled and slightly injured when she sat on the knife-sharp object. She said the episode forever changed her view of Walsh, whom she had known since high school and Walsh's roommate had considered his best friend since childhood."
So fearing his best friend was going to make out on his bed, Walsh booby trapped it with a potentially lethal metal instrument? In what world does that qualify as a "prank"? That's not like Saran Wrap on the toilet seat or short sheeting the bed, that's fucking sadistic shit. Essentially what Walsh is saying with this prank is: "Dude, I'm serious this time. If you bang your girlfriend on my bed tonight you're gonna fuckin pay. I'm going to leave a sharp metal object in the bed that is capable of slicing your dick off." And that was just his revenge for lying in his bed! Imagine what type of shit he's capable of to get back at the dude who fired him for being a devious fuck?

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Jay said...

I gotta say I would totally do that. I think that shows a Jack Bauerish way of solving problems.