Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chappy Sinclair a Deadbeat?

Colonel Chappy Sinclair

CBS2 LA is reporting that Louis Gossett, Jr., best known for his role as Colonel Chappy Sinclair in the epic war drama / rockumentary "Iron Eagle" ("Break the sound barrier. Break the speed barrier."), has not paid for tickets he purchased to attend events at the Staples Center.
Oscar-winning actor Lou Gossett Jr. is being sued for nearly $40,000 for not paying for two premium seats he purchased at Staples Center in 2003, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

L.A. Arena Funding Inc., in charge of ticket sales at Staples Center, filed the lawsuit. A contract attached to the lawsuit states Gossett signed the deal in October 2003 and it entitled him to attend Lakers, Kings, Clippers, Sparks and Avengers regular season games.
I find this very hard to believe. First of all, if his seats are for the Staples Center, why the F are the Kings involved? They play at Arco Arena. Secondly, there's no way Colonel Chappy Sinclair is paying for a ticket package that includes the L.A. Sparks. Lastly, who the hell are the "Avengers"?

In Iron Eagle, Chappy said, "God doesn't give people things He doesn't want them to use." Assuming Lou Gossett, Jr. heeds his character's advice (and I'm sure he does) and assuming that there's no way he'd ever attend a WNBA basketball game, why would he pay for a ticket package he wasn't going to use (not that I'm suggesting that "God gave him" the tickets per se, but He did give him his keen acting abilitiy which led to his talent being discovered which led to his immense riches and fame which led to his ticket purchase, so the big guy was involved and Chappy's quote is on point)? Chew on that, L.A. Arena Funding Company.

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Quentin said...

Maybe just maybe the Kings they were referring to just might be the los angeles kings. You know the NHL team that plays a Staples. Moron.