Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A True Patriot

Remy and Orsillo's call of this was their best of the day.

This may not be up on Youtube very long, so we should celebrate it while we can. This is from yesterday's Sox v. Angels game held on Patriot's Day. Patriot's Day is a holiday in Massachusetts (and I think Maine and New Hampshire) and serves to honor the Battle of Lexington. It's held on the third Monday in April and is celebrated by the running of the Boston Marathon as well as a Sox game that usually starts at 10am. Massachusetts residents celebrate by waking up at 7am and cracking a 30 pack of Schaeffer's. I hope the pizza toss at the dickhead who dropped the foul ball becomes an annual tradition.

(UPDATE: A couple longer versions are available here, and here. The play-by-play is outstanding.)

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