Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doth Protest Too Much, Brady?

PICK ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME! The Brady Quinn experience is off to a pathetic start.

I never thought I'd feel bad for Brady Quinn considering he's about to be a gazillionaire, was worshipped like a God for 4 years and will be Outsports "boner of the year" for the next decade, but after this week, I kinda do. He's whoring himself out to the media like a third party candidate. It's hard to draw a conclusion solely from Quinn's pathetic attempts at stemming the negative tide against him, but it does seem to suggest that even he feels that his peripherals and college performance does not speak for itself. To me, his performance this week says, "Hey, I may not be all that talented, but people think I'm good looking, it'll be easy to market me and even after we lose 14 games this year because I suck, you'll have this good looking guy on your media guide for the next 4 years." Sweet brah! I think a great juxtaposition for this draft is found in how Brady Quinn is handling himself and how Joe Thomas is handling himself. Joe Thomas will spend draft day fishing. Brady Quinn has spent the last week BEGGING people to reconsider his plummeting draft status. He's been on every sports talk show from radio to tv to chats to speeches at local elementary schools. I liken his performance to Howard Dean after he let out his wacky scream in 2004. Quinn's 2006 season was the "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" and now he's doing damage control because no one's impressed. Here's my question, Brady: You haven't played a down of football in 4 months and the last time you played anyone decent (the last couple times, actually), you stunk. If you're so good and deserve to be a top ten pick, what's changed since then? And if you want to distance yourself from that "one bad performance" (even though he NEVER performed well against a good team), wouldn't it inspire more confidence if you just shut the fuck up, sat back and said that you don't need to politick for yourself because your career speaks for itself? Essentially, if you're so good, why do you need to tell everyone about it? Shouldn't they already know?

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