Friday, April 27, 2007

Meet My Man-Crush

That may sound like a large crowd cheering, but it's actually just my voice dubbed over a couple thousand times

My man-crush on Brian Leonard is about a decade old. I shit you not. His brother Nate was a sophomore at Gouverneur High School, a school about a half an hour away from my high school and when I returned from my first year of college, my high school football coach was telling me that this kid (Nate) was going to be unbelievable and a no doubt D1 talent. He then told me that Nate's little brother was supposedly an even better athlete. His brother, Brian, was 12 years old at the time. Nate was supposed to go to Syracuse. For that area of NY, about 2 hours north of Syracuse and an hour south of Ottawa, Canada, Syracuse is our pro franchise. St. Lawrence County bleeds Orange. The problem was that Nate injured himself his senior year and 'Cuse did not have the forsight to see that pulling their support of Nate was going to doom ANY chance at Brian. Rutgers took a chance on Nate, who injured himself again in college, but that shot was good enough for Brian. 3 years later, Brian Leonard is averaging well over 200yds a game, has broken the NY state high school single season scoring record and is being courted by top D1 talent across the country. Due to loyalty to his brother Nate, he goes to Rutgers and the rest is history. Anyhoo, with the draft only a few hours away, I figured I'd offer up some things you may not know about BriLo and where he comes from:

Name: Brian Leonard
Nicknames: BriLo, Bri Guy, B, Broseph, Phil
Family: Brother - Nate Leonard, Mother's an accountant, Father's a cable guy
Hometown: Gouverneur, NY
Fun Facts about Gouverneur:
1. Nicknamed "Marble City" due to the production of the famed "Gouverneur Marble"
2. Birthplace of Kinneys Drugs Pharmacy
3. Features a large replica roll of LifeSavers® candy was erected at one end of the narrow triangular strip of land that comprises the municipal park in downtown Gouverneur. The success of the "Candy Mint with the Hole"™ can be attributed to the efforts of Gouverneur native son Edward John Noble who was born in 1882. In 1913, Noble approached LifeSavers® inventor Clarence Crane of Cleveland with an advertising campaign for the mint, but was instead offered an opportunity to buy the failing business for just $2,900. Problems with preserving the flavor in cardboard packages threatened to end the LifeSavers® business. After acquiring the business, Noble devised an easy-to-open foil wrapper that preserved the flavor. As a result, sales of the candy soared. Profits increased sevenfold in the first year, then tripled again in the second year. Within ten years, sales had reached $11.5 million. Years later, Noble acquired the Beechnut Chewing Gum Company and merged its products with LifeSavers®.
4. Host of St. Lawrence County Fair (which once featured Jimmy "Super Fly" Snuka)
5. Held the distintion of highest teen pregnancy rate in America from 1992-1995.

You won't get that type of coverage from the draft experts.

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