Sunday, April 29, 2007

What the F?

Randy Moss is now a Patriot. Oh. Sweet.

(**UPDATE: WOW. This has to go up front. You want to read a holier than thou piece of tripe from the most sanctimonious prick in the writing biz? Take a load of Shaughnessy's rip of the Moss deal.. What I wrote earlier today (seen below) is not exactly an endorsement, but Shaughnessy clearly has something firmly implanted in his ass about this.**)

No. No no no! What the hell are you guys doing, Pioli and Belichick? Were you guys not paying attention with the whole T.O. situation? Philly was supposed to be a place full of veteran leadership where T.O. would toe the line. How'd that work out? This type of behavior from the front office has been going on for awhile. The Pats have had such success "doing it the 'Patriots way'" that they feel they don't have to play by the same rules as everyone else. They think that these players will just recognize that the Pats are all business and will just shell their troubled personalities out of respect to the almighty Patriot tradition. They took a risk with Corey Dillon, and while that kinda worked out, Dillon was not exactly an outstanding lockerroom guy. He just didn't complaing as much as he did in Cincy so it seemed like he was being a good guy. Now they take police blotter regular Brandon Meriweather and the "chronically" (PUN!) troubled Randy Moss. Sure they didn't give up much to get him, but is it really worth it? I couldn't hate this move anymore than I do. The only thing positive to come out of this will be the ferocity with which Shaughnessy and Ryan rip him apart in the Globe. That should be fun.


rstiles said...

Boy has Moss' stock think that a team could get him for a 4th round draft pick...WOW!!!

matthew said...

don't see the TO parallel so much, .

I freel like

a) TO's distractions seem to be more about attention issues.

b) Moss' distractions are always about the burden of being the highest paid/most talented WR & not winning- not gonna be an issue in NE.

anyways, huzzah & bladow