Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Should The MLB Look Into McCarver's Yoga Policy?

I think Manny's hammy would snap just looking at that photo.

I got a big chuckle this weekend when during the Sox-Yanks game, Tim McCarver suggested that the MLB should institute a mandatory yoga policy in order to deal with the mounting hamstring injury epidemic (mentioned in an earlier post). But McCarver may get the last laugh. After last night's hammy pull by the young phenom (at least he looked like a phenom last night), Phil Hughes, I did a little research and found that 12 players are currently either day-to-day or on the DL due to hamstring injuries and over 25 players have had to sit out for some period of time this year due to hamstring injuries. The hamstring injury may be reaching epidemic levels. With the escalation in the amount of injuries, it would seem that something should be done to combat the epidemic. Maybe Yoga is the answer. As long as I don't have to watch Bartolo Colon perform the Downward-Facing Dog, I'm cool with it.


Tman said...

I heard the same thing during the game and was about to make fun of McCarver for it before I realized that he is actually right about this-yoga would do wonders for baseball players overall conditioning, as well as preventing hamstring pulls.

But come on, Manny doing Yoga?

He probably thinks Yoga is a Hanna Barbera cartoon.

J Rose said...

How 'bout the Stanks canning their conditioning coach after Hughes' pull?

There is a full-blown epidemic, and freakin' McCarver was the first to pounce on it.

Damn that fountain of useless knowledge finally getting one right!

John said...

Steroids can cause dehydration, muscle imbalances, etc. Not really that shocking.