Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm No Doctor, But Julian Tavarez Is Bat-Shit Crazy

It's pretty well known that Julian Tavarez is a weird dude. Aside from bearing a distinct resemblance to Freddy Kruger, he has been involved in many a dustup due to his hair trigger temper, admits to buying new clothes as opposed to washing his dirty clothes and recently told the Globe that if baseball didn't work out for him, he wanted to be a porn star. But one of his more pronounced "quirks" is his penchant for self-treating his ailments via "home remedy" (The Herald wrote a piece about this a couple months ago. Subscription required.). He actually uses Snake Oil to keep his joints loose though he admits that he's pretty sure it has no effect. That's all well and good because pitchers are a superstitious and regimented bunch, but his most recent treatment seems a little wacky even for Julian. In treating a blister on his pitching hand, Julian has chosen the remedy that so many other 21 year-old chicks in tight pants choose when they want to stay out later and get drunker: Red Bull.

Tavarez said he pops the blister and dries it out by rubbing in some Red Bull and ground-up aspirin.
Red Bull and aspirin. That seems, uh, healthy...? But this wouldn't be a Julian Tavarez story without some kind of bizarre and unnecessary comment. In describing just how bad the blister is, Tavarez said:
"[Josh ] Beckett would be on the DL with this"

Nice, JT.


Yardbarker Jeff said...

That Beckett quote is classic. Tavarez instantly just became one of my favorite players in baseball.

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