Monday, July 2, 2007

From "The Big Show" To Plinko. Is DP Replacing Bob Barker?

It'll be tough to replace Bob's subtle grace.

Can't get enough of Dan Patrick's smug and holier than thou schtick on SportsCenter, the NBA coverage or his afternoon radio program? Well middle America, you may be in luck! The LA Daily News (a periodically I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of) is reporting that Dan Patrick is on the short list of candidates to replace Bob Barker as the host of "The Price is Right":
Dan Patrick, c'mon down? The price may be right in luring the ESPN/ABC personality and weekday ESPN Radio sports-talk host, who sources insist has been contacted by the producers of the legendary game show "The Price Is Right" and is on the short list of those who'll be asked to take part in auditions to replace the retired Bob Barker, who recently ended his 35-year run. Patrick wouldn't comment on the report except to say: "Len Barker was always one of my favorite pitchers."
I'm not quite sure how to feel about this as I've always thought that the genius of Barker was his ability to get out of the way and let the constestants control the show. I'm not sure Dan was blessed with same on-air humility. But if Dan does take the gig, I think the person to replace him on his radio should be the guy who wrote the article, Tom Hoffarth. The column in which this information was provided features a number of great subtle swipes at ESPN:
In a direct swipe at "Stump the Schwab," TV Guide recently named "The Price Is Right" as the "greatest game show of all time." And don't think Patrick, who once upon a time replaced the legendary Tim Brando on the set of "SportsCenter," doesn't know what he'd be getting into with the plus-sized female 65-plus demographic.

More evidence that ESPN has too much time to fill: Throughout news-dry July, there'll be a daily "SportsCenter" series called "Who's Now," a 32-athlete bracket-style contest, to determine who ultimately has the most juice based on popularity, celebrity, marketability and, perhaps, performance.... Whatta say we sabotage this with a campaign to push Taryne Mowatt?
I think I like your style, Tom.

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