Monday, July 2, 2007


The front of the shirt says, "If you have blond hair, the third baseman will..."

If there was any doubt about whether or not A-Rod will opt out of his contract and bolt New York and everything that comes with it, after today's front page story about A-Rod's wife's t-shirt in the Post, the odds have officially been pulled from the board in Vegas. As seen in the photograph above, A-Rod's wife Cynthia Rodriguez wore a shirt to Yankee stadium with the phrase "Fuck You" on it. And either some now wealthy fan or a Post photographer who was really on the ball snapped a couple pictures of it. This is not going to make the ribosomes very happy. It's one thing to take pictures of A-Rod and his mistress going out to strip clubs and back to his hotel room, I mean, that's just journalism. But when you are snapping pictures of A-Rod's wife and then putting them on the front page of the City's most widely read tabloid*, things may have officially gotten out of hand. But while the overriding story may be the effect this media coverage has on A-Rod's stay in NYC, my favorite part about this whole thing is the reaction from the fans interviewed for the story. Some of them sound legitimately shocked that they'd be confronted with curse words while minding their own business in the Bronx:
"[One] father, was so embarrassed, he got up and left and took his son," who appeared to be about 10 years old, a fan said.

"I mean this kid was right in back of Cynthia - his nose must have been about 4 inches away from the words 'F- - - you.' "

Cynthia's F-word faux pas also may have violated Yankee Stadium policy.

The team's policy prohibits any banners or signs that are not in "good taste" and also warns that security guards will eject any guests "using foul language" or "making obscene gestures."
Yeah, who expects to go to Yankee stadium and have to deal with foul language....

*The Daily News disputes the "most widely read tabloid" contention.

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