Friday, June 29, 2007

Starbury: Isiah = God

Hey, I like Isiah's trade too, but I'm pretty sure the big G-O-D had nothing to do with Zach Randolph landing in NY.

You'd be hard pressed to find an NBA scribe who doesn't think that the Knicks pulled off a very good trade yesteterday. At the very least, I think it'd be hard to argue that the Zach Randolph trade didn't at least make the Knicks better. So you can excuse the Knicks fans if they aren't a little excited this morning. It's been a long time since they had anything to cheer about. But while Knicks fans are cautiously optimistic today, no one is more excited than Stephon Marbury. In fact, Starbury is so pleased with the deal that he believes Isiah had some help from the big guy upstairs
Reached late last night, Stephon Marbury was ecstatic by the deal, realizing their offensive potential.

“It’s finally happening,” Marbury said. “It’s finally happening. God’s plan is working.”
EZ big fella. I don't hink God looks too kindly on being equated to a guy who has failed miserably at every job he's held since his playing days and is currently embroiled in a sexual harassment suit. Plus, there's no way God makes the Curry trade and there's no way God would ever trade for a guy with a rap sheet that looks like this:
1995: 30 days in juvenile detention for shoplifting.

High school: 30 days of house arrest for battery; 30 days in juvenile detention for receiving stolen property, a gun.

2002: Arrested for underage drinking.

2003: Suspended by the Trail Blazers for punching teammate Ruben Patterson in practice and breaking his eye socket.

2003: Arrested in Portland for driving under the influence of intoxicants and marijuana.

2004: Accused by police of lying in an investigation of his brother shooting three men in an Indiana nightclub.

2006: Suspended by the Trail Blazers for making obscene gestures to fans after a game in Indiana.

2006: Sued by a Portland woman for sexual assault in an incident at a strip club. After a monthlong investigation, prosecutors didn’t file criminal charges. A civil suit is pending.

2007: Left a strip club without paying the bill while he was on bereavement leave from the team.

2007: Earlier this month, police were called to the parking lot of a strip club where Randolph and teammate Darius Miles were part of a gathering and a gunshot was fired.
The Knicks may be better, but I don't think God had much to do with it. He sold his season tickets back in 2002 along with everyone else.

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