Monday, June 25, 2007

ESPY Awards Are Fixed


As ALL of you are aware, the ESPY nominees came out today and judging by some of the entries, there is gonna be some hot competition for most of the awards. I wouldn't want to be the ones to decide those awards. (What? You say I am one of the people who decides these awards? Oh....). Well then, I wouldn't want to be one of the people who gives a shit about who wins those awards. They are just too tough to call... save for one of the awards, which seems to be a little unfairly biased.

In this year's ESPY awards, the generic sporting achievement award is being sponsored by Hummer and the nominees come from all across the sporting landscape from the basketball to swimming to football (Lebron James, Michael Phelps, Diana Taurasi, some HS Football Player & LaDainian). And at least in terms of sporting achievement, the nominees seem to be on equal footing. But if I were a betting man, I think one nominee would stick out from the fray. The problem is in the wording of the award. You see the name of the award is the "Hummer Like Nothing Else" Award (that is how the award is presented grammatically on the ESPY Website). It would seem just by the phrasing that Diana Taurasi would have a significant advantage here. I mean, if Taurasi loses the "Hummer like nothing else" award, what does that say about the other dudes?

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