Monday, August 6, 2007

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Thinks You Stink

Here's a shocker, Nascar Fans + Heat + Rain = A disgusting smell.

During the rain delay during qualifying on Friday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. signed autographs before going out and winning the pole.
Earnhardt, who was in a humorous mood, mentioned a down side seldom noted.
“When the fans are there and they’re three or four deep on the pit wall, it’s very uncomfortable,” he quipped. “They’ve probably got somebody next to them that needs to change deodorant brands, and it’s obviously not the best situation to be in.
“Imagine being in that position without me talking about how bad it can be, but it’s sticky and hot, and everybody is getting rained on, and the (jet) blowers come by and blow stuff on you.”
Earnhardt went on to say that water is wet, a duck's ass is water tight and that people from the midwest are heavy. What do you have next for us, Mr. Wizard?

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