Thursday, August 9, 2007

Passed Over Names For The New Steelers Mascot

Tim Hardaway hates the new Pittsburgh Mascot.

So today it was announced that the Pittsburgh Steelers have finally decided on a name for their new mascot. The name: Steely McBeam. Seriously:
Steely McBeam was the winning entry among more than 70,000 names submitted by Steelers fans around the world. He is a contemporized version of the former Steelers logo, a steelworker, representing Pittsburgh's rich history in the steel industry.
But as has been pointed out by several other blogs (see eg here and here), Steely comes off a little, shall we say, fancy (in a Simpsons gay steel mill kinda way). So with that in mind, here are a couple of names that were considered but just missed the cut:

Queery McDudelove

Mr. Fancy Pants

Harry Cockburn

Dr. Peters

Captain Ron (He just kinda looks like a Ron)

Tristan Cockroft

Dude N. Dude

Michael Strahan

Sir Coxalot

Hans Job

Mrs. Kordell Stewart

The Butt Plumber

That last one may not was probably quickly nixed for being a little too "in your face" gay, but the other ones really seem to hold up.

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