Monday, August 6, 2007

Jorvorskie Lane Is Huge, And He May Just Dominate The Big 12

Not only is the production quality of the video fairly lame, but they managed to spell Lane's name wrong. Lane's highlights are still pretty sweet.

At 6'4", 260lbs, Brandon Jacobs is a monster. Probably one of the top 3 biggest starting running backs in NFL history in terms of pure size. By starting this year, Jacobs joins a short list of feature backs regularly listed at over 250lbs. That list includes Jerome Bettis, Christian Okoye, Ironhead Heyward and Marion Butts just to name a few. These guys are about 30lbs heavier than your run of the mill NFL feature back and the sight of one of these guys busting through the line has caused more than a few Dbacks and safeties to stain more than a few shorts. These are big dudes. And standing next to Texas A&M's Jorvorskie Lane these guys would look like punters.

I'll admit I've got a soft spot for fat guys who double as incredible athletes. They catch my attention. And with Syracuse not really developing any interesting storylines, I was searching for something that would get me excited about college football and also potentially meet my athletic fat guy void. I found Jorvorskie Lane.

Lane is one of the two feature backs (the other being the speedier, potential future Heisman candidate, sophomore Michael Goodson) for a Texas A&M team that may have the top offense in the Big Twelve (they were 8th in the nation in rushing last year and return both RBs, their QB and significant O-Line depth). He also happens to be 5'11" (sometimes listed as 6'0") and 285lbs (he was rumored to be above 290 at one point last year and he claims he's in the mid 260's this year). He's bigger than 4 of his offensive linemen, all of his TEs and all but a handful of the D-Line depth chart. The man is huge. And he's good. As a sophomore he had 725 yards and 19tds (this year his goal 800+ yards and 25tds) and produced a touchdown or first down on 26-of-29 carries on third and fourth down carries.

His running style could best be described as Keith Byars meets Mike Alstott. He's nifty in the open field and runs with short, Byarsesque baby steps until he drops his head and rolls over a linebacker or safety like Alstott, except Lane does it while carrying an extra 20-30lbs around. He's an incredible blend of size and skill, and is one of the most entertaining sites on the college football landscape. In all honesty, who doesn't love watching the fat kid who you usually see blocking for people finally get the ball and run over or through guys half his size? And with Lane he gets it a ton. He's one of the few players in college football who even though you know he is going to get the ball in certain situations, you just can't do anything about it. It's exciting to watch him play and for those of us who are not Big 12 fans but love watching college football, that's really all you can ask when you're watching a team that's not yours. But what might be more exciting for Aggies' fans this year is that if they can get by Miami in the Orange Bowl (no small task) and take care of Texas Tech at home (perhaps an even tougher task), they could easily enter Lincoln, Nebraska on October 20th undefeated and setup one of the biggest games to that point of the season. A win there could be a turning point for the entire program and much of the big play responsibility in that game will fall on the ample shoulders of the big fella, Jorvorskie Lane. That may be looking too far ahead considering we've barely reached August and no college team has snapped a meaningful ball. It's just hard to look at the college football season without picturing Jorvorskie Lane taking up a considerable portion of it. Maybe that's presumptuous for a kid who only gets the ball in certain situations and who plays second fiddle to a possible first round back. But for some reason I can't help but think feel that when this season's all said and done you'll look back and see Javorskie Lane's mammoth paw prints all over it.

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