Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let's Take It Easy On The Sap, Stan Grossfeld

Maybe my eyes ain't so good, but this guy doesn't look like he's feeling like a "champion."

One of the harder things I've encountered in writing all this crap over the last 6-7 months is how to end a post. You always want to write something with bite or wit to cap off your incredibly insightful or hilarious post. It's often tough to capture the spirit of the entire post or write something that really offers that clever ending leaving people to say, "Man, that guy nailed it" (Mike Lupica, for all his failings, is the master of the final sentence dig). So I guess I can forgive Boston Globe writer Stan Grossfeld for writing this quote about the Red Sox triumphant return to Boston:
The team piled into buses. Police stopped traffic in the Ted Williams Tunnel and on the Southeast Expressway at 4:50 p.m. to let them pass. People climbed on cars on local streets and held up signs and cell phones. The turnout en route was less than it was in 2004 but the team got a standing ovation from some homeless souls on Melnea Cass Boulevard. On this day, they too were champions.
They were? That one may have missed the mark a little. Explain to me how those dudes are "champions." Is it because they sleep on the side of the road? I mean, these guys have probably never seen a Sox game on TV or even listened via radio. How are they in anyway impacted by the Sox victory. I'm not knocking homeless people, I read The Mole People, some of those people are doing better than some people with homes. In Santa Monica, the homeless are treated better than the homed! But "champions?" I'd wager to bet that the homeless dudes freezing their asses off on the side of the Melnea Cass Blvd felt less like champions than freezing people looking forward to their next meal (perfect example of an awfully weak closing sentence).

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