Monday, October 29, 2007

Um Bill, Was All Of That Really Necessary?

I didn't get a chance to watch the Pats game because I was forced to watch the Jets and Bill limp wrist it around the football field for 3 hours. Those two teams are really not very good. Dropped passes, missed tackles, missed assignment, bad coaching, you name it. The Jets blitzed corner Darrell Revis 10 times in a row (maybe more) before Jauron changed his protection package to pick him up. And even then his solution was to throw a TE screen to Rob Royal on the blitzing side (that'll learn em!). And sadly that was an improvement over what went on in London. Holy FUCK that game was painful. I have honestly never watched a worse played game than the Giants v. Dolphins. Cleo Lemon's performance by itself could fill an entire blooper reel for the next Sports Illustrated offer. Plaxico and Amani dropped half a dozen touchdown passes and Eli threw an 8 yard pass to a WIDE OPEN Toomer in the end zone through the fucking uprights. I know it was raining, but it has rained before. It's not like the players looked up in the sky in awe and were remarked, "My word! What is this beaded moisture falling from the heavens? Is it possible that it will affect my ability to grip the spheroid coming my way?" CATCH THE FUCKING BALL. The thing hit Plaxico in the pads about 4 times. He barely got a paw on it. God that was ugly...

Anyhoo, I was able to keep track of the progress of the game via CBS Sportsline's GameCenter (while also keeping track of how badly my fantasy team was getting it's ass kicked). After awaking from a nap, I flipped open my CPU and saw the score of the Pats - Skins match: a ridiculous 38-0, and the Pats had the ball. I giggled a little and watched as the interweb slowly tracked the progress of what I figured would be the Pats running out the clock as best they could. And then I saw this:

1-10-NE-49 (12:50) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass deep right to R.Moss pushed ob at WAS 16 for 35 yards (S.Springs)
I thought to myself, "well, that seems a little much." I looked again at the score just to make sure it wasn't like 38-20 or something and I am just blind as a bat and again, loud and clear it read:
Patriots 38 - Redskins 0
So up 38-0 in the 4th quarter on the 50 you're throwing a deep sideline pattern from the shotgun...? Really? Yeeesh.

Now the rest of it I can understand. The two 4th down plays in the 4th they went for, whatever. The alternative is to kick a field goal, which is almost guaranteed points (the second one would have been a 54 yarder, so maybe not "guaranteed" per se). At least the Pats gave the Skins a chance to get the ball back unscathed. But on that drive to start the 4th quarter, I'm not sure I see the need to setup in the shotgun and let the two best players on the planet throw sandlot sideline routes. The total length of the drive was 8 minutes, so the Pats were running the clock down to a degree but Brady threw the ball 8 times on that drive and it all just seemed so unnecessary. Just imagine if either guy had gotten hurt (a scenario that is becoming increasingly likely as the season rolls on and the Pats play teams with absolutely no hope and not a ton to lose). I think it's pretty clear that at 38-0 going into the 4th quarter that the Pats are men against girls out there. Why risk an injury for the sake of showing people just how good you are? It's a little over the top in my mind.

With all that being said, I'm in no way apologizing for the final score or for Belichick is doing. I hope he runs up the score on every fucking team out there. I don't think it disrespectful to the game or other teams or anything. There's a real easy way to gain the respect you feel is being stripped from you by getting your ass kicked or at least grab the Pats attention: PLAY WELL AND HARD AND STOP BEING INTIMIDATED. Don't fucking complain like a bitch, Godfrey (whoever the fuck he is). Take a cheap shot at someone. Don't try and injure anybody but maybe knock Brady down after a whistle or hit Moss a step out of bounds. They'll pull his ass in a heartbeat. But by complaining that the Pats are playing too hard and are scoring too much makes you look like a complete pussy. You have to understand that the Pats don't give a fuck about you. They are still settling the score from earlier this year. For a week the media hyped this taping scandal as if it exposed the Pats as being dependent on nefarious behavior for success. Ladainian Tomlinson was laughing at them (and then crying after the Pats beat the bag out of them). So the Pats want to show that those people are fucking idiots. And they're doing a damn good job. The Pats are pissing on people after straight jabbing them in the nuts for 3 hours. You really have two options after that. You can grow the balls to punch them back or cry about it afterwards and call it unfair and unsporting. Buck up or shut the fuck up. And honestly, I hope someone punches them in the next couple of weeks because I don't want to see Brady's knees taken by Channing Crowder in the 4th quarter of a meaningless week 16 game because Belichick wants to put up 100.

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matthew said...

who the fuck cares? i can't believe being a Pats fan has come down to "how to beat people without hurting their feelings"...

they get the ball, take what the defense gives em & try to get 1st downs.

the people whining are frikin jokes.