Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh Manny...

It's gonna be tough to spend the next 4 months without this big lug.

At this point I can find absolutely no reason for not having cameras and a microphone around Manny Ramirez at all times. Everything the guy does is just comical. According to the Globe's account of the Sox flight home (yes, there is a newspaper account of an uneventful 4 hour flight), Manny asked for and received a ride from a Massachusett's state trooper from the Tarmac to Fenway. Upon reaching the vehicle, and right on cue, this happened:
He (Manny) tried to open the back door, which is reserved for bad guys. A trooper moved in quickly. "No Manny, you can't go in the back," said the trooper, smiling and opening the front passenger door.
Manny is "that guy" on every sitcom ever that does ridiculous things and leaves the regular cast members shaking their heads and smiling. He's Richard Boner Stabone, Dauber Dybinksi, Woody and Ralph Wiggum all wrapped up in a mangled english speaking, dreadlocked, hitting machine.

And lastly, check out Manny's getup getting off that plane.

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