Friday, October 5, 2007

Peter Vecsey's Column About Isiah Belongs In The Louvre

Between this pic and Vecsey's article, nothing more need be said.

It's been hard for me to properly summarize my feelings regarding Isiah Thomas and the clowns at MSG running the Knicks. First of all, I don't really give a shit about the Knicks. I really dislike them and am not a huge NBA fan so I don't really have a horse in the race. It's just that living in NYC, this Isiah situation has been forced down my throat (not that I really mind because the substance is so juicy) and I'm forced to listen to and read stuff about it almost constantly. I've attempted to weigh in here and there, but really I've never really been able to express my true feelings on the situation in a fashion I felt was worthy of how truly ridiculous the situation has become (that "situation" being the fact that Isiah Thomas is employed in any capacity in any setting doing anything. I don't think Isiah is qualified to be a homeless person, let alone run an organization of any kind.). But fortunately, the people who are paid to comment on such things came through, and in a big way.

In today's New York Post, Peter Vecsey wrote a column touting the incompetence and utter lack of accountability by Isiah Thomas from his days in the NBA through this week's verdict that was so comprehensive and insightful that I don't think anyone will ever have to write about Isiah ever again. He basically bullet points Isiah's failures and then explains how he's had excuses for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM:
Remember when word got out that Julius Erving had been supporting an illegitimate child for about 18 years? "If I had done something like that I'd be getting killed every day. The media would never let me live that down," Thomas bitterly complained to me.

Years later, it came to light he'd fathered a boy while engaged to Lynn, his wife for the past 20-some-odd years.
Good start. What else you got?
Bill Davidson and Thomas were the only ones at a meeting when the Pistons owner pledged to give his treasured guard a piece of the team and control of it. Somehow the story of the momentous guarantee got into the Detroit Free Press. Commitment canceled! Mr. D. was doubly furious when Thomas came to his home and swore on his father's grave he wasn't responsible for the leak. Beat writer Corky Meinecke, 42, died some six months later from cancer. His story never wavered. He told confidants Thomas indeed was the source and that he had confirmed it with someone else Thomas had entrusted - otherwise he probably wouldn't have written it.
Ok, pretty good and not something that is generally reported so we're getting some good dirt. Anything else?
The Raptors' majority owner supposedly had it in for him, stirring him to sell his slice of Toronto - though he had exclusivity for eight months to buy control and never made a bid.
Ok, I don't really know what that means but it doesn't sound positive. More?
David Stern forced him to surrender the CBA before he could become Pacers coach, at the loss of his $9M investment; oh, yeah, Thomas rejected that amount as payment from the NBA, mistakenly thinking he could squeeze it for more, thus bankrupting a minor league that had been in existence for more than 50 years.
Ooooooooh, that's a good one. I especially enjoy the "a minor league that had been in existence for more than 50 years" part because the excuse made by Isiah and Stephen A. on behalf of Isiah is that the CBA was in the shitter anyway and Isiah just came in at a tough time. I want more...
The Indianapolis police who stopped him for riding on the shoulder of the road around an accident and refusing to show license and registration in a timely manner were racists; Larry Bird's reason for firing him was due to his vocal support of Rodman's nonsensical assessment: "If he were black he'd be just another player."

He never screamed at his Knicks to break Bruce Bowen's leg, never ordered his players to take out the next Nugget who drove the lane; never owned up that any of his hires, signings or trades were nuclear wastes.
Checkmate. THAT was very well done. Vecsey hits the nail as square on the head as it could possibly be hit. When Isiah came out and said that this civil judgment against him (it is not a guilty verdict, btw. I wish people would stop saying that. Isiah isn't "guilty" of anything, yet. Though maybe he should be...) was not true and the jury got it wrong, it was EXACTLY what he's done in EVERY situation in which he's been called on the carpet. HE'S NEVER BEEN ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING. EVER. His record is remarkable. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault. And it always will be someone else's fault as long as idiots like James Dolan give him the opportunity to continue fucking things up. The only way to to stop Isiah from blaming someone else for his mistakes is to take away his ability to make them.

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