Saturday, October 6, 2007

Will A-Rod Stay? Not If The Post Keeps Misquoting Him

As if A-Rod needed more aggravation, the New York Post's George King misquoted A-Rod and then the headline of the article led with the misquote. And it wouldn't be that big a deal except that the substance of the misquote is regarding exactly what A-Rod has been criticized for his entire career: pressing in October.

The Post ran the headline: A-ROD ADMITS: 'I'M PRESSING'

In the article the Post ran this quote: "I am pressing. I have to start swinging at strikes..."

What A-Rod actually said was: "I'm not pressing, but I've got to swing at strikes," And if you're not sure who to believe, you can hear the full audio of the conversation here.

I'm not one to stick up for A-Rod or rip the Post (the latter has given me years of entertainment while the former makes me angry), but this is pretty irresponsible. You're just adding unfounded fuel to an already raging fire. A-Rod deserves a ton of shit for his day yesterday (though Fausto was out of control) but New Yorkers can't stand guys who admit weakness, and that's what this article intimates. The headline may as well have read: "A-Rod is scared of baseballs thrown in the last three months of the calendar year." At least that statement is true.

UPDATE: In the hardcopy of the paper today, the article reads: "A-ROD: 'I'm not pressing'". So even the Post is confused about what's going on.

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