Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Desperation, Thy Name Is Detmer

After last week's win over SD, Minnesota realized they are a QB away from wild card contention. After signing Koy Detmer, that remains the case.

The Vikings, for all their flaws, are not half bad. They are 3-5 but they've outscored their opponents this year, they have a kick ass run D and they've been playing without a QB all season. That's better than a lot of teams with QBs. And now that Brad Childress has finally awoken from his two month long slumber and is going to give the ball to Purple Jesus 30 times a game and because they take on the some awful teams the rest of the way, they have to at least be considered amongst the serious contenders for an NFC wild card position. All they really need is someone to take the ball and not throw it to the other team or directly into the ground. 40 touches of A-Pete and the Williams' clogging up the middle on the defensive side with maybe a toss or two downfield to keep you honest... it's not a Super Bowl team but it's better as a concept than about a dozen other NFC teams. If they could get a mistake averse game manager behind center in the vain of a 2000 Trent Dilfer, that team would scare the shit out of anybody dependent on running the ball and not adept at stopping the run. And they recognize this. So they survey the available QB landscape and they come up with... Koy Fucking Detmer. He of the 52 percent career completion percentage and the 10 career tds (Detmer has 14 career Ints). Is that really the state of the in-season free agent QB market? I mean, if you're gonna fill this spot with a Detmer, couldn't you have at least taken Ty?

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