Friday, April 13, 2007

Craig Forth is the Worst Player in Professional Basketball Player

This picture represents every memory I have of Craig Forth's tenure with 'Cuse

Some have argued that Craig Forth is the worst player in Syracuse history. I wouldn't go that far as Billy Celuck preceded Forth and may have been the worst player ever to grace a college basketball floor, but I think it's fair to say that Forth caused Syracuse fans much angst whilst on the floor. This despite the fact that he was the starting center on their 2003 championship team. He seemed like a nice enough guy (though I've heard he was a complete dickhead) and tried pretty hard, he was just so bad. So I was a little amused to hear that he had scored a spot on the roster of the USBL's Albany Patroons. I'm not suggesting that the Patroons are in anyway an elite squad, but Forth was just so bad at basketball I can't believe he's going to share the floor with players like St. John's Redman, Felipe Lopez. It's not like the Patroons management didn't see Forth play. They are an hour away from Syracuse, they probably saw him play a lot. And it's not like his popularity in Albany is so great that he'll be a "draw." So why is he being offered a job? Can I try out?

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