Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jose Guillen is so pissed he wants to fight a bat boy

Jose Guillen displaying his reasonable side

Many people probably saw the highlights on SportsCenter of the confrontation between the Red Sox' Brendan Donnelly and the Mariners' Jose Guillen. Donnelly struck Guillen out on 3 pitches, Donnelly stared at Guillen, Guillen said something to Donnelly and then started towards the mound with the bat still in his hand and had to be restrained and thrown out of the game. Donnelly then went on to (according to Donnelly) "accidentally" plunk Kenjo Johjima on the very next pitch and was thrown out with Guillen. The "bad blood" stems from 2004 when Guillen was benched by Mike Scioscia in Anaheim and the pitchers on the club (including Donnelly) stuck up for Scioscia in the papers and the situation ended with Guillen being traded. Guillen responded (quite cleverly I might add) the next year when the Nats played the Angels by alerting his manager Frank Robinson to the fact that Donnelly puts pine tar in his glove before he goes to the mound. Robinson told the umpires to check the glove, they found pine tar and Donnelly was thrown out, but not before he went apeshit on Guillen on the field leading to an emptying of the benches and a particularly enjoyable manager shouting match.

With that background in mind, it was no surprise that these two aired out their grievances in the only way they know how: through the media. Guillen said Donnelly made a "gesture" and called Donnelly a cheater while Donnelly claims he didn't gesture but has "a lot of antics" on the mound, whatever that means. Pretty standard stuff, except that Guillen didn't stop there. He went on to say that if Donnelly wants to settle this, they should settle it like men. And apparently the way the settle things in the D.R. is by beating the shit out of the opposing bat boy:
"If he wants to take care of this problem, our clubhouses are pretty close, so he can have one of the batboys come get me outside and we can take care of this as men. That's it. That's all I have to say."
Say no more Jose. You're preaching to the choir buddy. Sometimes when I get really pissed off at someone I too want to fight a child. In fact, this whole thing makes me feel better about myself. I'm just glad I'm not the only one.

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