Monday, April 9, 2007

Ok Peter, this is starting to get weird

A couple weeks ago, I jokingly suggested that's Peter King was reading my blog and stealing my ideas when he suggested that the Pats should trade one of their first round picks for Lance Briggs no less than 5 days after I'd suggested the exact same thing in this space. King's reaction to the Briggs situation was entirely predictable considering he's a Pats homer, the Pats have two first round picks and King has been all over this Briggs thing since day one. So if anyone was going to suggest a fairly obvious trade possibility immediately after Briggs announced his desire for a trade, it was going to be Peter King.

Flash forward to this past week when I wrote a piece about how I thought it was odd that Olindo Mare was worthy of a sixth round pick while Trent Green was only getting 7th round offers. I went on to note that it was particularly odd that the Saints were trading a late round pick for a kicker considering they stole Marques Colston in a late round and finished by listing some of history's best late rounders like Brady, Sharpe and TD. The Mare trade itself wasn't exactly headline news and had it not been for my daily peruse of's Spring football coverage (Mare is a former Orangeman), I never even would have heard about the deal. So I guess I was a little surprised to see Peter discuss the trade on his MMQB today and take the same angle about Brady being a sixth round pick (actually, turns out the pick the Saints traded was the exact same pick the Pats used on Brady--199). I know it's April and any news about the NFL this time of year will make King's column but a trade about a kicker and a 6th round pick for a Sports Illustrated column? That seems a little obscure for a King column. It had nothing to do with Montclair, Mary Beth, Latte's or bowel movements, so it wasn't exactly "King Wheelhouse." I know that just because more than one person writes about an event that the first person to offer a fairly obvious opinion about that event can't call "copycat" on anyone voicing a similar opinion, but this is now twice that PK wrote the same thing I did less than 5 days after I wrote it. And this wasn't necessarily an event that deserved any attention (I made fun of myself for writing about it and this isn't a Saints or Dolphins blog). So I guess I'm a little curious about whether or not PK is one of my dozen or so loyal readers. I'm not mad at you Petey, just wondering if we're you and I are cut from the same cloth. Because if we are, I'm going to see a gastroenterologist stat!

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