Friday, April 13, 2007

Sometimes I'm REALLY Embarrassed to be a Red Sox Fan

"So Carl, I see you took your dogs down to the photo studio, dressed them up in Red Sox gear and paid to have their pictures taken. Pretty cool."

Being a Red Sox fan comes with enough baggage as it is. We have a questionable title (Red Sox Nation). We're supposed to have an accent (I do not). People at Yankee stadium taunt me with shouts of "CHOWDA! HEY CHOWDA! WHERE'D YOU PAHK YA CAH?" Yes, they are a clever bunch. We're supposed to be miserable when things are going well. The team is being marketed like they're a boy band with loyalty cards (Red Sox Nation membership), pink hats, and other ridiculous memorobilia. And with the constant coverage of everything "Red Sox", public sentiment has turned from thinking of Sox fans as lovable fanatic losers to treating us like we're spoiled, pompous.... for lack of a better phrase, Yankees fans. I really didn't think we could get much lower than the Red Sox dating reality show (in production) until I saw this. Pictures of Sox fans' pets in Sox gear. I have no patience for people that do stuff like this. Is there any room left on the Brewers' bandwagon?

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Your Mom's Box said...

It's hard to say but as a Yankee fan but welcome to the world of having to put up with idiot fans who really make you hate half of your team's fan base.