Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Olindo Mare > Trent Green?

The Dolphins today continued their wheeling and dealing ways this offseason by trading Kicker Olindo Mare for a 6th round pick. The story isn't all that remarkable in and of itself. Mare is a serviceable kicker who has been in the league for a decade and spent that entire time with the Dolphins. The Dolphins acquired Jay Feely and Mare wasn't needed. OK, I'm with you so far. But a 6th round pick? Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson was just traded for a 6th round pick (though he never showed so that fell through) and the going rate for two-time Pro-bowler Trent Green is a 7th rounder. Sure I understand that money is a consideration and kickers don't hit the cap as hard, but at the end of the day is it me or does that seem like a little much for a ten year veteran kicker? Especially in the situation the Dolphins face. The Dolphins were kind of held hostage here with two kickers. Wouldn't they just have released him regardless of the penalty? And is Mare so good that the Saints just had to grab him before he hit the open market? I mean Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis and Tom Brady were taken in the sixth round or later. And shouldn't the Saints more than than most teams understand the value of a later round pick after what Colston did this year? Maybe I'm overreacting (clearly as I just wrote a couple hundred words about a kicker) but a 6th round pick for Mare? Not impressed.

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