Thursday, April 5, 2007

No. 3 Party School hires Bob Huggins

EZ there fella, all this means is that there'll be less beer for the rest of you

Here's a good idea. Bob Huggins was removed from Cincinnati (where there's at least a little more to do than simply drink) due to his alcohol problem and today it is reported that Bob Huggins will become the head coach at West Fucking Virginia University, which is his home fucking town. Don't get me wrong, Bob Huggins can coach and recruit. In one year, Bob Huggins made Kansas State relevant. He went on to recruit arguably the number one basketball player in the land, Michael Beasley and many people thought he got screwed out of the NCAA Tournament. But maybe Bob should have worked his way back up to Morgantown where it's socially acceptable to slur your speech and carry around a fifth of Beam. Maybe he should have gone from Manhattan, Kansas to maybe Fayettville, Arkansas to Boston, MA and then finally to Morgantown. He's just not far enough removed from his 12 steps to head to Morgantown. It'd be like PacMan Jones joining the Montreal Alouettes. You wouldn't want to put Pac in such close proximity to all the weed and strippers. And the situation is especially tenuous when one considers the potential motives for the move. You think Bob is going due to nostalgia? Or is he re-joining the Big East for the opportunity to get back at his old school? Nah, Bob Huggins would never be that vindictive. Would he?

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