Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"All I did was take cash." That's it?

Lost in the shuffle of Rhett Bomar admitting to taking money for not working at a Norman Oklahoma car dealership and his subsequent dismissal from school was the dismissal of offensive lineman JD Quinn for the same infractions (JD was actually paid more money than Bomar). Quinn doesn't agree that taking money from a booster for not doing anything is worse than smoking hash or almost killing your teammate in a car accident then driving your destroyed car home and leaving him in the front seat all the while assuming he's dead. Ever the Sociology major, Quinn analyzes the infractions within the framework of a retributive theory of punishment (punishment fits the crime sort of thing):

"All I did was take cash," Quinn said. "I didn't break any laws and I get kicked off the team, but there's people on the team that are breaking laws and failing drug tests and stuff like that, and there's nobody getting kicked off the team for that type of stuff."
Now Quinn may have a point that taking money from a booster isn't "illegal" in the context of penal law while purchasing narcotics is, but I think he's missing the point. He knew that taking money was against the rules in the same way a person knows that buying drugs is against the rules. What he did was deceitful and in terms of character I'd argue that taking money in violation of NCAA rules violations is every bit as bad as failing the Ol' pee test. But what was worse was his throwing his now former teammates under the bus when he said "there's people on the team that are breaking laws and failing drug tests and stuff like that," only later backpedaling from that statement by declaring that he meant that "he heard" that people "around the country" were breaking laws and failing drug tests. Sure. He was just commenting on the nation's struggle with drug offenders and the fight against crime. At least if this football thing doesn't work out, he can always fall back on being a friggin retard.


bobbybeingmanny said...

you're so right on this one. Plus, I think the strippers who were getting rained on by PacMan also just said "All I did was take cash."

The Double-U Show said...

It's always fun to try and excuse your behavior. Most college athletes don't usually come from a poor upbrining. To be that good you have to work at it 12 months out of a year and working a part time job is out of the question so his family could have probably given him some money if he needed it that bad. Oh wait, he probably didn't, he was just greedy and incredibly stupid