Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do You Ever Get The Sense That Brady Quinn Masturbates To His Own Image In The Mirror? I do.

Why do I sometimes get the feeling that Brady Quinn keeps a copy of this picture under his pillow? And why do I also feel like it's likely covered in seed?

Does anyone else get the feeling that Brady Quinn thinks a lot of himself? I mean from the various photo spreads, the shirtless photos, the pictures of him in a strange leather outfit, the holdout for more dough because he feels he should be paid where Mel Kiper slotted him... it just leaves me feeling as though Brady likes himself some Brady. And this latest escapade didn't exactly change my mind about him. This weekend, Brady appeared at a mall to meet with some teeny boppers and charge them $140 a pop to sign shit for them:
There are some unhappy campers after a weekend autograph session involving Browns rookie quarterback Brady Quinn.

Hundreds of people waited in line on Saturday to grab an autograph from Quinn at Great Northern Mall.

Many of them didn't mind paying anywhere from $75 to $139 to get the quarterback's signature on pictures, footballs, jerseys and helmets.

But some fans who went to the event complained to Newsnet5.com about Quinn and the price for his autograph.

One woman wrote in an e-mail, "He agreed to rip off hundreds of fans, young and old alike. He hasn't even signed with the team yet. That sure ruined his image."
Apparently there is some dispute as to whether the advertisement listed the cost of the autograph session. Sympathetic to the fans plight, the memorabilia company responded to these accusations expressing the utmost concern for the fans:
"If we could do this for free, we would and we can't. Unfortunately, there is cost and pricing associated with it, so we try to do what we can to make the athlete as accessible to the public as we can," said Robinson (memorabilia rep).

Robinson said Quinn did shake hands and take pictures with many fans at no charge, and for some a snapshot with the potential superstar is priceless.
What a guy. He didn't even charge some fans who touched him. Word to the wise Brady, this shit may play in South Bend where you were a God (despite never winning a big game), but it's not gonna fly in Cleveland. They like lunch pail guys and if you continue to do things like force people to pay to be in your presence, the only friend you'll have left in Cleveland will be that crusty picture of yourself with your shirt off. And to be honest, I'm guessing that if that happens, you wouldn't be at all lonely.


_________________________________________________________________________ said...

He might not, but I do when I look at his pics...he's hot!!!

Daniel said...

you're an idiot... ^^^^^