Monday, July 23, 2007

Scott Olsen Picked A Good Week To Lose His Mind

Drunk-driving, assaulting a police officer and getting tasered... just another Saturday night for Scotty Olsen.

Scott Olsen should send a thank you card to Mike Vick and Tom Donaghy. Had this been a normal July week where we're talking about the Wild Card hunt or strumming up any storyline we can imagine about the start of NFL camps, Scott Olsen's behavior Saturday would have been a pretty big deal. Apparently, at around 4am on Saturday morning, Scott was driving home (followed closely by Dontrelle Willis, who was not involved in any police activity to follow) from a night out when a cop clocked him going 48mph in a 35. The cop tried to pull him over but Scott kept on driving, blowing a stop sign in the process before finally pulling up to his house. Upon reaching his home, this happened:
The pitcher got out of his car and sat down on a plastic chair in front of his home. When backup officers arrived and tried to arrest him, Bentolila (a cop on the scene) said Olsen kicked at the officers, who used a stun gun on the 6-foot-5 pitcher.

Olsen then failed a field sobriety test and refused an alcohol breath test, Bentolila said. A booking photo showed Olsen had two scrapes on his forehead over his right eye.
It's pretty unreal that Olsen is getting a pass for this, especially in light of his EXTENSIVE history of confrontation. He has on more than one occasion intentionally thrown at (and admitted to doing it) players on opposing teams, he got in a shoving match with Miguel Cabrera last year and had to be physically restrained by his manager, he got in a fistfight with teammate Randy Messenger last year and received a helluva a shiner from the altercation and you can't count on your fingers and toes the amount of times he's gotten into public shouting matches with umpires, players and coaches from other teams. He is a fricking mess. If someone like say Brandon Meriweather had performed this stunt, Jay Mariotti would have a 10,000 word, 5 day Expose' on the troubled young star penned and ready for print in less than 3 hours. Olsen's just lucky that he plays in a place where no one gives a shit and he decided to lose control in a week where his story hardly made a dent.

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