Friday, August 3, 2007

Congrats Go Out To The Professor

Well played, Professor Clayton!

On Saturday, the NFL HOF is inducting a crackhead, a scat back, a couple guards, a tight end, some old balls corner back, the "other guy" from Monday Night Football and a true gem on the NFL reporting scene: The Professor - John Clayton. Clayton will receive the the Dick McCann Memorial Award for distinguished service by the Pro Football Writers of America. Apparently this was announced about a month ago but just came onto my radar this morning when I heard the insufferable Erik Kuselias give the Prof some belated congratulations on the radio this morning. I've always enjoyed the professor's work. He's aharp, quick and usually spot on with his information. I also enjoy that no matter where he's reporting from, he is set against the backdrop of the Space Needle. But what strikes me as most interesting about Clayton's induction is what he overcame to receive it. I mean, there's no way that Clayton's weekly stint in which he screams at the overmatched Sean Salisbury showed up on the "Pluses" side of the Clayton stat sheet. It's impressive that his career achievements were impressive enough that those segments were brushed under the rug. Let's just hope that this clip is also misplaced when the tribute to John is played on Saturday night.

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matthew said...

Tom E. Curran (projo & NBC)
tells a funny story in which he was watching a Pats game in the press box, looks over & sees John Clayton pick his nose & then eat it.

most of the time i doubt the validity of those stories, but think about it --- it's john clayton. he matches every stereotype for a nose-picker.