Friday, August 3, 2007

More Fun With Keywords

Son, no matter how many times you type it, you're not going to find a picture of Grady Sizemore's cock.

Because it's fun and easy, and because people are crazy, it's time once again for my periodic look at the most interesting keyword searches on Google that lead you to my site. Here are a couple really good ones this week:

meaning of "take the ball" in aviation - I have no idea how my site is linked to this phrase.

linda cohn sex tape - I don't want to know if this person found what they were looking for. But I do know that they did not find it on The Smittblog.

gary coleman - tough times
gary coleman cash
gary coleman is weird
gary coleman loan
- These searches pretty much sum up the life and times of Gary Coleman.

"yanni live from acropolis" - This I like.

There are a couple others of note including "Meatballs 2 'Meathead'" and "Michael Strahan Gay," which led to my site on 8 separate occasions (if it lisps like a duck...). But I have two favorites this week. Here's the first:

fuck chicken fucking

This one really gets me because I can't quite figure it out. I'm not sure if this is a person looking for information about beastiality involving chickens or hates the people involved in such acts. It almost seems like it's a bastardized version of the Farva's line from "Super Troopers." Maybe it refers to something in pop subculture that I'm not "hip" enough to know about. If so, I wish someone would fill me in because I am fricking stumped.

But lastly, and predictably, my favorite keyword seach of the week is.....

grady sizemore cock

This week that phrase led to my blog FOURTEEN TIMES (14). I know people are just fucking with me (or if not fucking with me, at least find the keyword - blog linkage thing funny enough that they keep typing it in), but it's really unbelievable. The only keyword more popular is "The Smittblog". Regardless, I appreciate that this has at least in part become a calling card of my site. You type in grady sizemore cock, and you get the Smittblog. We're like peas and carrots. Good stuff, though I do apologize to those who are disappointed on learning that this site provides no answer to their query. Those folks either need a private detective or a cold shower.

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