Monday, August 27, 2007

ESPN's Choses Interesting Headline For U.S. Sprint Victory

The way ESPN teased the article, I thought Anderson Cooper won the 100 meters.

The headline showed up yesterday on and it was one of those situations where I was sure that 20 minutes later it would be changed because it just sounded, well, so gay. United States sprinter Tyson Gay narrowly beat Asafa Powell at the World Track & Field Championships. There are a million ways to alert the reader to this story without bringing up Tyson's last name in the headline and thus risk posting a headline with a double entendre. ESPN chose the other road:
American Gay grabs gold in 100 meters at worlds
Oh, but they didn't stop there. Here are a few other gems from the article:
Gay, unbeaten this year coming into the championships, felt his composure beginning to slip Sunday morning

And with his head wobbling from side to side, Gay hit his groove.

But once he hits his stride, there is no stopping Gay.
Ain't that the truth (I have no idea what that's supposed to mean).

What's lost in all of this is that we finally have a legit challenger to Asafa Powell. It's a shame that his name will always cause hilarious headlines and unfortunate sentences. So I've got a suggestion for Tyson as we move forward: get yourself a nickname. Maybe "T-Gay," or maybe not as that sounds like "too gay". Or how about "Ty Guy." That also sounds a little gay so why don't we try "Tay." Umm, no. You know what, why doesn't he just change his name to "Raging Boner Every Time I Watch Bodies In Motion With Gilad." At least that would take the subtlety out of it.

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Peter said...

My name is Peter Gay, and I am a straight man, and if some people don't address me as Mr. Gay I'd have to correct them. To have a last name as Gay is not a sign that we are "gay" nor that we have anything against gay people -- whom I befriend and keep in high esteem.

What do you say of Mr. Fuchs as in Mr. Leonhart Fuchs (German, 1501–1566)? Or Mr. Jim Nail? Or Mr. Ed Balls MP Economic Secretary?

One's last name comes with you and there is no reason to be ashamed of it or for other people to make fun of it.