Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pierzynski Goes Apeshit Over A Pitch Never Thrown

Oh AJ, you big goof!

This weekend for the White Sox was embarrassing on top of embarrassing. Aside from being disgraced on the field, they also suffered another public blow-up of perpetual ne'erdowell AJ Pierzynski. After striking out against the Red Sox's Manny Delcarmen on Sunday, Pierzynski went ballistic on White Sox hitting coach in the dugout because he didn't tell him that Delcarmen throws a cutter:
Frustration partners with losing when things are going badly for a team, as they have for the White Sox.

Frustration might have been part of the reason for a dugout incident Sunday between catcher A.J. Pierzynski and hitting coach Greg Walker late in a lopsided loss to the Boston Red Sox.

Pierzynski told Walker he didn't know Delcarmen threw a cut fastball, angering Walker, who counsels hitters on pitchers.

''What A.J. did was wrong,'' Guillen said. ''Walk had all the information, and all of a sudden [Pierzynski] asks, 'I don't know he has this pitch.' And Walker said, 'I prepare myself real well for this game, and I expect everyone to do it.' That's why Walker got real mad.''

''If [Pierzynski] doesn't know what [the pitcher has], don't make an excuse,'' Guillen said. ''You put the coach on the spot to listen to that. We've faced Delcarmen 20 times since I've been managing [Pierzynski is 0-for-3 lifetime against Delcarmen]. I said, 'You didn't prepare for this guy.'
First of all, Ozzie is exactly right. If you don't know a pitcher has a certain pitch, that is your fault for being an idiot. That makes it clear that you don't watch enough tape and are just fucking lazy. Second of all, Manny Delcarmen doesn't throw a cutter:
"I don't throw a cutter," Delcarmen said yesterday. "[Jason Varitek] said that pitch [Pierzynski] was talking about was as straight as can be. I saw afterward that he was talking a lot to somebody, and then there was a lot of commotion. Sometimes my pitch moves a little, but I don't throw a cutter."
So AJ lost his mind over something that just plain didn't happen. AND HE'S A FUCKING CATCHER. He should probably be able to identify a pitch. If people didn't already hate him, this would be great fodder for all sorts of jokes. As it is, it's pretty f'n funny.

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