Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ty Willingham, An Erstwhile Willard Scott

Uh oh... the secret's out. This guy's been working behind the scenes in the Carrier Dome for the last 30 years and Ty Willingham just exposed him.

If you are not prepared for the weather in Syracuse, it can get you. In a flash you can be covered in 4 feet of snow, drowned in buckets of rain or stifled by 95 degree heat. It's unpredictable and when this weather hits, it's relentless. But then again, so is Ty Willingham. And he is prepared for this unpredictable weather.... in the Carrier Dome:
"I'll be all over the weather report trying to figure out which door they open in the Dome to create the wind," Willingham said. "You laugh. No, when you play at some other places, you know that's important."

Willingham pointed out there are differences playing in dome stadiums, such as the structure of the building and the lighting. Then he went a step further.

"The wind is different," Willingham said. "Some people would say, what wind? Always in a dome, you open certain doors. Things happen. It's a totally different environment."
O.....k.....? I've been to the Dome on several occasions and can honestly say that I've never seen an army of staff opening and closing doors at key moments in order to create a draft. But even assuming they did, it's not like this is a pizzeria in Times Square where you open the door during a windy day and the pressure gradient causes old women to get bowled over. The Dome is pretty large. It would take some serious doin to create a significant breeze in there:
"I can assure you that we cannot create a wind in the Dome that can affect the flight of a football," said Pat Campbell, senior associate director of athletics who oversees the Carrier Dome. "I doubt we could create a light breeze strong enough to get a kite airborne."
What do you have to say about THAT Tyrone?
(complaining of the hot temperature inside the Dome)"The only weird thing is it's sponsored by Carrier and you think they'd figure that one out," Willingham said.
"My soup's too hot and the breeze is too strong. Can you turn a fan to cool me off but not too strong because it will HURT MY VAGINA!" Hey Tyrone! Buck up or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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